A Hog For You Baby

The Ravens “I’m A Hog For You Baby”

The story has slunk out of most political news cycles, but the Lion’s Den restaurant in Anchorage is still hung up on Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” quip, taking the turn of phrase and sending it straight to the stomach with the McPalin sandwich. KTUU has the story:

“I just kept thinking about that news story when I was making sandwiches and I just kind of had an epiphany,” Keefe said.

The McPalin sandwich has grilled pork tenderloin on it, with caramelized apples, red onions, melted cheddar cheese, and crisp bacon.

Most food creators add some type of garnish such as parsley or fruit to top off their dish, but Keefe decided to do something a little more personal.

The sandwich is served with a side of lipstick and fries.

The McPalin grilled pig sandwich runs for about $13, and has been selling out.

And further food news comes from Serious Eats of a drop in sales of Palin Syrah at Yield Wine Bar in San Francisco, perhaps at least partially precipitated by the governor’s distaste for the City by the Bay. Says the site:

Despite the steep sales drop, Tavelli plans to keep “Palin the wine” on his list—for now. With only two cases left in stock, he’ll sell it until it’s gone.

But as for whether a reorder is in Palin’s future, Tavelli is more tentative. “I don’t know. I guess it depends on how the election goes.”


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