Flavors for Change

The dedicated ice cream dreamers at Scoops are putting their famous flavor-suggesting board to political use with their new “Flavors for Change” campaign. 

From now until October 25, Scoops will be accepting flavor submissions (both in-store and online) inspired by Obama, McCain (prickly pear!?) and the rest of the campaign. Then, from the 27th to the 31st, the shop will serve from the user-generated flavor pool (perhaps the first and best implementation of Food 2.0?) with proceeds going to the Obama campaign.

And finally on October 28, there will be an Obama Ice Cream Social with Scoops serving up the most popular flavors to help kick off the last week of the election and help get out the Obama vote.

UPDATE: Added my own suggestions for McCain (Prickly Pete: prickly pear and lime) and Obama (Cherry We Can Believe In: black cherry and dark chocolate). Add yours here.

(H/T to Metromix)


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