Art Alert: MOCA Bake Sale

Short notice, but here’s a chance to help out MOCA’s failing finances the easiest way possible: with your stomach. Today, between noon and 2pm, a number of artists will be hosting a bake sale outside the museum featuring everything from marionberry pie to Alberto Giacometti-style baguettes (above). More press released info after the jump:

UPDATE: Photos from the weather-wrecked event here.


MOCA needs tens of millions of dollars, and we want to get the ball rolling
– the day the board meets – with a bake sale!

We’re a group of independent artists and bakers who want to help MOCA
survive as an independent institution.

WHEN: Tuesday, December 16 from 12-2pm
WHERE: 250 S. Grand Ave. (on the sidewalk in front of MOCA)

All proceeds will be contributed to MOCA.
CONTACT: david weiner / angie lee 213-446-3186
twitter: cheesed and fromaged


– Financiers (x24): These little gold bars of almond cookie joy will be for
sale at $1 million per piece and should be enough to get MOCA stable again.

The rest of the baked goods will be sold in multiples at $1 per piece.

– Alberto Giacometti Baguettes (photo below)
(Gosselin style baguette l’ancien)

– Claes Oldenburg Pie ala Mode
( a slice of marionberry pie with a scoop of french vanilla ice

– Jasper Johns Target on an Orange Field Cake
(handmade white cake with browned butter frosting, fondant and painted

– Vija Celmins Night Sky Brownies
(classic brownie with dark chocolate frosting and candy sprinkle stars)

– Roy Lichtenstein Standing Rib cake
(white cake with browned butter frosting, fondant and painted rib)

– Chris Burden Exposing the Foundation of the Museum Cake
(all the ingredients to make a cake – egg, flour, salt, butter, milk, pan,
(sold as whole cake)

– Christopher Wool PARANOIAC shortbread cookies
(shortbread cookies with chocolate lettering)

(all works are part of the MOCA permanent collection, except the gold bars.


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