Ate 08: Best Bites of the Year

Journalistic tradition dictates the compilation of lists during these quiet times, so with an eye on cheap eats, here are the best things I ate in 2008 (in no particular order), from Santa Ana to North Hollywood:

Moles La Tía‘s mancha manteles
Don Huarache‘s steak huarache
The Nickel Diner‘s pulled-pork hash
Shin Okinawa Izakaya‘s fried chicken with shikwasa ponzu sauce
Providence’s tasting menu
Izakaya Zero‘s balsamic-teriyaki spare ribs
Toko Rame‘s nasi bungkus
Santouka Ramen‘s shio ramen
Surati Farsan‘s pani puri
Renu Nakorn‘s nam kao tod

Honorable mention: Peña’s Restaurant’s uchepo, Cook’s Tortas’ Zacatecas torta, Kam Hong Garden’s niu rou mian, Porky’s BBQ’s pulled pork sandwich, Pâtisserie Chantilly’s choux aux sésames, Lotus Chinese Eatery’s sesame bread, La Concha’s torta ahogada, Ikko’s octopus tentacles, Musha’s takotama, Citrus at Social’s orange soufflé


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