To Do: L.A. Cupcake Challenge


Drink:Eat:Play tries to find out who has the best cupcakes in Southern California on March 29 with its Cupcake Challenge. Competitors include the Oinkster, Delilah Bakery, SusieCakes and more. Tickets are $40 and include cupcake samples, free coffee and all the necessary cupcake accompaniments. The challenge is being held at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel at 1755 North Highland Avenue. Visit for details.



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5 responses to “To Do: L.A. Cupcake Challenge

  1. I would love to be there for the cupcake challenge I think its a great concept that hopefully will be repeated in other areas, especially on the East coast.

    I can’t wait to see the awesome cupcake decorating ideas these cupcake bakeries come up with. Any chance the challenge will be on the Food Network?

  2. Just came back from this event — so much sugar!!!

    • Miles Clements

      So who won your tastebuds?

      • you already saw my blogpost on it; Two Parts Sugar and Renaissance Hollywood won my heart for sure, but too bad neither would be readily available to the general public (both being catering and not retail); but I can’t wait to eat BoHo’s chocolate bread pudding one again (which oddly enough was not on their dessert menu when I went last week, still in R&D phase perhaps?)

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