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Still Top Baguette


To free the blog from stagnation, an update on a favorite lunch spot: Top Baguette. It’s possibly common knowledge by now for Little Saigon regulars, but the beloved banh mi shop made a recent move to a colorful spot on the corner of Bolsa and Magnolia. Earlier this month, Top Baguette was still offering a buy-one-get-one free banh mi deal to celebrate its grand reopening. It’s not the same value as, say, the three-for-two deal at Saigon Bakery, but still one to take advantage of while the eats are even cheaper.

Top Baguette
9016 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA

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Land of Plenty: Long Beach’s Food Philanthropists

Long Beach sprouted out of an agrarian dream, a pastoral fantasy of bean fields and beaches that sustained entire generations before the onset of the city’s industrial complex. But as happens with the immutable laws of progress, those plots all eventually disappeared, family farms and cultural traditions wiped out by time. With that came not just a divorce from the land, but a fundamental shift in thinking that has left many of our friends and neighbors without access to or understanding of good, fresh food. Long Beach, however, is blessed now with a whole community of food philanthropists: gardeners, cooks, activists and organizations all using their green thumbs for good. They’re reconnecting with the soil, and with Long Beach itself—feeding us, teaching us and reminding us of the simple pleasures (and power) of food. It’s not a new vision, but an eternal one, a return to the time when local, seasonal produce dictated diets and compassion compelled those more fortunate to extend a helping hand.

Read the stories of Jimmy Ng, Adriana Martinez, Cindy Goss and Paul Buchanan in the District.

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