Roast Goat Express


KFI’s notorious open-mawed radio commentators John and Ken spent 15 minutes on Monday attacking everything about the recently opened Gold Line extension, a light rail line that runs from Little Tokyo to East LA. In the process, the pair slammed the L.A.Times for sending four writers (including me) to round up the best restaurants at each of the extension’s stops. (That story, including my contributions at the Soto St. and Indiana St. stops can be found here.) Predictably, John and Ken sink to race-baiting depths, calling East LA a “disgusting illegal alien slum” and wondering why they’ve never seen goat at the “authentic Mexican restaurants” they supposedly frequent.

Listen for yourself below:

Roast Goat Express by eatfoodwithme



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4 responses to “Roast Goat Express

  1. Absolutely appalling. My jaw is on the floor.

  2. Beast

    What is so appalling, the fact that they said it, or that it’s true? John and Ken are right, we should not be spending money on something like this, in a time where California is broke.

  3. Beast: You’re a moron. The Gold Line might cost a bit much, but why the slurs against goats?

    Miles: I still think you haven’t finished with this. Write a response back in the Times’ pages in defense of goat!!!

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