Leftovers: House of Kabob

Charred kebabs and mountains of Persian rice for the L.A. Times:

The lunch line at House of Kabob in Lake Forest curls out the door, the neck of each prospective diner craned toward the kitchen. It’s a crowd mostly of baby-faced workers from nearby tech firms waiting with ID cards still dangling from their company-issued lanyards. They’re jockeying, however politely, for even a fleeting glimpse of the restaurant’s excellent Persian cooking.

Dishes here are often sights to behold: cubes of meat lapped in flames until they’re transformed into perfectly grilled, tender blocks; mountains of long-grain basmati rice tall enough to teach you a lesson in topography. Still, House of Kabob’s success has been downright quiet. It’s taken simmering, persistent praise and neighborly devotion for the restaurant to outgrow its tiny home.

Yet when the Lake Forest original spawned a second location in an Irvine strip mall late last year, it wasn’t just a matter of expansion — it was culinary mitosis.

Read the rest here.


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